Elderly Skin Care

The skin protects our body in many ways. At the same time it fulfils important functions. Last but not least the skin prevents the penetration of the skin by pathogens.

But the skin is sensitive and is affected and damaged by environmental conditions, injury and diseases. For the human body a functional skin is essential and that should be assured and supported by modern care products.

Especially the skin of older people requires special care as the risk of skin diseases or irritations increases with the age. The amount of people which need to be treated due to dermatological problems should be at over 40 % among residents in retirement and care homes. Thus, we pay high attention to friendly cleaning products, effective and sustainable skin care and skin care with a regenerative effect.

Our products were designed and developed for people with mature, stressed or particularly sensitive skin. With the rheomed-care line, we want to take over dermatological responsibility and meet the needs in care. High quality cosmetic products for high demands are available at a very good price-performance ratio. Our rheomed-products achieved very good results in dermatological tests and are suitable for the integration into modern skin care concepts. Care experts recommend rheomed!