Disinfection products

Rheoclean BV is the exclusive importer for the RHEOSOL disinfection products in the BeNeLux.

Disinfection products can be sold under different legislation.
First step is that products that claim to disinfection must be registered as a biocide, according the rules for each different country.
Second step is that products can be registered as a Medical Device. In this case the products are only allowed to disinfect other Medical Devices, for every other use they need also to be registered as a biocide.

Rheoclean can provide biocide, CE and combination products.

RHEOSOL – one product family, many benefits

There is a great variety of disinfectants offered on the market. So, why should customers decide to buy the disinfectants of NW Chemie GmbH – and what is it that makes our products stand out?

On the one hand, it is – of course – the effectiveness of a disinfectant that is important. On the other hand, disinfectants must be applied daily and carefully to fully develop their effectiveness. However, because of some of their properties, many disinfectants are only used reluctantly, and disinfection is not performed carefully and sustainably. The outcome is a well-known and sad fact: Despite highly effective disinfectants still hundreds of thousands of people die every year as a result of insufficient disinfection; estimates of the European health authorities suggest an annual total more than 3 million nosocomial infections in Europe.

This is where the products and solutions of RHEOSOL come in! Products that are aligned to the needs of their users while fulfilling the necessary conditions for a safe and effective hygiene of the respective health facility.

The RHEOSOL hygiene concept aims at using fewer products, minimizing consumption, and effectively eliminating the sources of infection. Applications such as foamer caps, wipes and dosing systems ensure an economic use, and minimize errors and consumption. In a study made at the University of Witten-Herdecke, it could be demonstrated that the use of RHEOSOL products significantly increased compliance and reduced risks.